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Orthotic Cushion Arch Insert provides cushioned support
Salvere Comfort X Orthotic Cushion Arch Insole

Salvere Comfort X Orthotic Cushion Arch Insole

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The  Salvere Comfort X Orthotic Cushion Arch Insert provides cushioned support to help even weight distribution, while helping to correct over-pronation and supination by stabilizing the arch for proper alignment and balance.

This Comfort X insole provides maximum cushioning to protect feet from common pressure areas put under the stress of our everyday activities.  The Comfort X foam cradles the feet while still offering vital arch support. The combination of the light weight Polyurethane Foam and Gel Forefoot and Heel Strike technology revitalizes tired feet and provides the comfort necessary to stay on your feet for longer periods of time. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight Polyurethane Foam provides energy return and revitalizes the feet throughout the day.
  • Gel Forefoot and Heel-strike pads provide extra cushion and shock absorption for people on their feet all day.
  • Technical Anti-microbial Topcloth.
  • Increased PU foam in the arch area for maximum orthotic support.
  • One -Year Unconditional Guarantee

Who? Workers seeking relief from the rigors of standing and walking all day.  Workers who are looking for cushioning comfort, shock absorption, and energy return. 

Recommended For: Consumers seeking relief from foot pain, increase in shock absorption, reduce in friction to help prevent blisters, energy return for improved performance. 

Best for use in: Work boots, tennis shoes, and shoes with removable insoles/footbeds.

Instructions: Remove the original insole from the shoe. Use the original insole as a guide to trace and trim the Occfit Comfort X Insole for an exact fit.  Care: Hand wash in warm water. Air dry.