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FLA Orthopedics - Cast Protector Full Arm

FLA Orthopedics - Cast Protector Full Arm

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Reusable protectors keep casts and bandages dry during gentle bathing and showering. Available in Child and Adult sizes in four models -- Short Arm, Full Arm, Short Leg, Full Leg. The arm models have a thumb piece and the leg models have a foot piece with an anti-slip pad. 

FLA Orthopedics Waterproof Cast Protector Features:

  • Completely waterproof
  • Bathe or swim with confidence
  • Ideal for casts, bandages or wounds

Directions for Use:

  • Gently slide over cast or bandage by pulling on the corners.
  • As the shield goes in water, air will rise to the top.
  • Before submerging, to achieve a watertight seal, pull it away from skin to release air inside.