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circaid® Undersocks

circaid® Undersocks

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circaid undersocks are the ideal way to keep the skin around your feet, ankles and lower legs comfortable while using compression accessories. They’re comfy, easy-to-wear health solutions.

  • The added stretch that makes donning these socks easier also hugely increases comfort levels during wear. The socks themselves are made of soft liner materials, and act as a buffer between your leg and other compression accessories.
  • While extremely durable, these liners are thin enough to fit under both tight-fitting compression pieces and your regular clothes. They’re worn directly against the skin, and are thin enough to practically remain unnoticed all day long.
  • The stretch material itself makes these socks one of the easiest liners to don, especially if you’re dealing with skin sensitivity or pain. Simple slip on the knee-high sock at the beginning of your daily routine and go about your business.
  • Max. circumference: standard 79 cm, extra wide 150 cm
Material Composition
Cotton, Elastane
Washing Instruction

Can be washed at 40 degrees.