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Cutimed® HYDRO B STE

Cutimed® HYDRO B STE

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Cutimed® Hydro is a range of sterile, self- adhesive hydrocolloid dressings including Cutimed® Hydro L, mainly for dry to lightly exuding wounds, and Cutimed® Hydro B for light to moderately exuding wounds. Hydrocolloids asborb exudate to form a gel, which is removed in one piece with the dressing. Cutimed® Hydro dressings promote healing by creating and controlling moist wound conditions.

Cutimed® Hydro – mode of action

The absorbent and expandable particles in the hydrocolloid layer swell as they absorb exudate and form a gel.

  • Facilitates moist environment
    - promotes formation of granulation tissue
  • Forms gel in contact with exudate
    - moulds itself to structure of wound
  • Vertical absorption of exudate
    - keeps wound edges dry and reduces risk of maceration
  • Seals the wound
    - minimises contamination from external fluids or bacteria
  • Product structure allows removal of the gel with the dressing
    - minimal damage to newly forming tissue

Cutimed® Hydro – user benefits

  • Wide range of dressing shapes and sizes
    - easy application
  • Smooth and flexible dressing
    - conforms easily to skin and body contours
  • Intelligent dressing surface
    - adheres securely to healthy skin, gels on wound

Cutimed® Hydro – patient comfort

  • Retains exudate in gel
    - reduces leakage risk keeps patient as active as possible
  • Waterproof dressings
    - can be worn in the shower
  • Rapid dressing changes
    - minimal patient discomfort
  • Free of latex and gelatin
    - low allergy risk for patient and clinician

Cutimed® Hydro range

Hydro B is for ‘Border’, because the edges of the dressing are tapered for superior adhesion and minimal leakage. The top layer of the dressing is a film-coated polyurethane foam.


Cutimed® Hydro B is for light to moderately exuding, mainly chronic wounds, such as:

  • Venous ulcer
  • Arterial ulcer
  • Pressure ulcer
  • Diabetic ulcer

Cutimed® Hydro advantages

  • Maintains a moist environment
  • Stimulates granulation
  • Retains exudate in gel
  • Waterproof and breathable