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Cutimed® HydroControl is an innovative combination of a hydropolymer gel matrix and a highly breathable PU film.  This interaction of these two components results in good fluid handling capacity and provides the ideal moist wound healing environment. The indications for use are on dry and low to moderately exuding wounds such as venous or arterial ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers or pressure ulcers.

The nature of the hydropolymer gel matrix has the ability to support autolytic debridement by adding low level moisture to a dry wound bed and fluid to absorb from a moist wound bed.

Cutimed® HydroControl also works by the physical principle of osmosis. As the dressing absorbs exudate, the osmolarity* of the wound bed increases. This stimulates the perfusion of fresh fluid into the wound bed from surrounding tissues, supporting the autolytic debridement process of removing necrotic and sloughy tissue.

*Water molecules automatically move from areas of low particle concentration to areas of high particle concentration to create a balance.

Cutimed® HydroControl - Key Benefits

Wound Healing

  • Stimulates and supports autolytic debridement 
  • Absorbs exudate and avoids leakage due to vertical absorption
  • Creates a moist wound healing environment 
  • Does no adhere to the wound bed

Patient Satisfaction

  • Skin friendly adhesive
  • Highly comfortable

Ease of Use

  • Cuttable for optimum fit
  • Thin, flexible and highly adaptable for easy application