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Gentle Foam

Gentle Foam

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Gentle Foam™ is a latex-free, open cell porous foam padding roll that helps to distribute compressive pressure and provides extra patient comfort

Made in Germany, the Gentle Foam™ padding roll by Ambra Le Roy is soft, durable and comfortable. It’s open cell, porous structure makes it an ideal product for use as a padding layer under short stretch compression bandages, as part of a multi-layer compression bandage during complete decongestive therapy. Gentle Foam™ has been designed for maximum patient comfort and is well-suited for numerous medical applications requiring gentle and resilient padding. Ideal for use in the treatment of Lymphedema, edema, venous-stasis ulcers and deep vein thrombosis ("DVT").


  • Durable, reusable and will hold up to daily use
  • Breathable and air permeable
  • Latex free