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Men's Merino Short Socks
Men's Merino Short Socks
Men's Merino Short Socks

Men's Merino Short Socks

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  • Unparalled comfort and fit thanks to the perfect blend of synthetic fibers, and the highest quality merino wool all brought together with precise compression
  • Designed with wool-blended, anatomically padded cushioning and a seamless toe-closure for added protection against blisters and hotspots
  • Best of both worlds: merino wool regulates temperature while the synthetic fibers pull moisture and add lasting durability
  • Amazing Combination of Natural and High Tech Fibers

    CEP Merino Short Socks combine the finest merino wool available with our proven synthetic blend of fibers to create our best balance of thermal regulation and proven compression in our crew length design. CEP Merino Short Socks feature metatarsal compression in the mid-foot region and fit like a glove for ultimate comfort.

    CEP Merino Short Socks are the perfect all-rounders and can be worn for all sports from running, to golf, to football. The four-inch cuff height true medi compression for improved circulation below the calf, and performance you will feel from the minute you put them on.

    The Merino Short Sock is the perfect sock for athletes looking to enhance performance, speed up recovery, and be comfortable all day. These socks provide great compression over the instep to prevent swelling in the feet that can occur after a couple hours of activity. The four inch cuff of our Short Sock style fits just below the calf for a crew length height. This length allows us to offer our true compression story in a sock that doesn't have to go all the way up to the knee.

    Compression: Targeted 15-20 mmHg compression on foot and arch, graduated 22 mmHg compression from ankle up

    Material: 64% Polyamide (Nylon), 14% Merino Wool, 12% Elastane, 10% Polypropylene

  • Measure your ankle circumference at the narrowest point.

    Size Ankle Circumference Shoe Size
    Men's Women's
    2 7-8.25 / 18-21 cm - 4.5-6.5
    3 8-9.25 / 20-23.5 8-10 6.5-8.5
    4 9-10.25 / 22.5-26 10-12 8.5-11
    5 10-11.25 / 25-28.5 12+ -
  • How to wash CEP Merino Short Socks

    • Machine wash in cold water
    • Machine dry with low heat
    • No bleach, No Woolite, No fancy detergents