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Men's Recovery Pro Tights

Men's Recovery Pro Tights

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  • Fully graduated compression profile helps to functionally increase venous return (blood in the veins) so blood can recharge and recirculate through the body
  • Using graduated compression for recovery is just as important to the body as hydration and rest
  • High-tech synthetic fibers provide moisture wicking properties and reduce odor causing bacteria
  • Workout Hard, Recover Fast

    CEP Recovery Tights are specially designed to improve venous blood return. The fully graduated 20-30mmHg compression profile increases blood flow by moving deoxygenated blood back to the heart where it can be recharged with oxygen and nutrients. Graduated compression also helps to transports lymph fluids that cause swelling and congestion in the extremities post-workout.

    Using compression for recovery has been shown to be just as important to the body as hydration and rest in between workouts. Our Recovery tights are designed to fit perfectly; thanks to our medical heritage we can construct a recovery tight that will fit better than any other and last for an extremely long time. The unique open toe design allows feet to breathe and gives more footwear options (flip-flops after workout? Yes, please)

    Compression: 20-30 mmHg graduated compression

    Material: 75% Polyamide (Nylon), 25% Elastane

  • 1) Measure your ankl circumference at the narrowest point.

    2) Measure your calf circumference at the widest point.

    3) Measure you mid-thigh circumference.

    Size Circumference
    Ankle Calf Mid-Thigh
    1 / XS 7-8 in / 18-20 cm 11-13.5 in / 28-34 cm 15.5-20.5 in / 39-52 cm
    2 / SM 8-8.5 in / 20-22 cm 11.75-14.5 in / 30-37 cm 16.25-22 in / 41-56 cm
    3 / MD 8.5-9.5 in / 22-24 cm 13-15.75 in / 33-40 cm 17.25-23.5 in / 44-60 cm
    4 / LG 9.5-10.25 in / 24-26 cm 13.75-17 in / 33-40 cm 18.5-25.5 / 47-65 cm
    5 / XL 10.25-11 in / 26-28 cm 14.5-18 in / 37-46 cm 19.5-27 in / 50-69 cm
  • How to wash CEP Recovery Tights

    • Machine wash in cold water
    • Machine dry with low heat
    • No bleach, No Woolite, No fancy detergents