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OrthoSleeve PS3 Compression Patella Sleeve

ING Source, Inc.

The PS3 Compression Patella Sleeve provides medical grade orthopedic support and graduated compression to ease the pain of patellar tendinitis (also known as jumper's knee.)  The patent pending Compression Zone Technology makes the PS3 effective while still being easy to take on and off, light and comfortable to wear – even under normal pants.  Unlike similar patella straps that rely on velcro or other fasteners, the PS3 will encourage better circulation, not cut off your blood flow below or bind up behind the knee.

The PS3 Compression Patella Sleeve relieves the pain associated with patellar tendinitis (jumper's knee) while promoting good circulation in the lower leg, using patent pending Compression Zone Technology.  It's thin, light, and comfortable to wear unlike similar patella straps available on the market. Wear it any time, and you'll hardly know it's there.

The PS3 Compression Patella Sleeve treats patellar tendinitis (jumper's knee) by providing medical grade orthopedic support for the patella while promoting optimal circulation to promote healing. As effective as bulkier and less comfortable patella straps.

The PS3 relieves the pain of jumper's knee without resorting to tight, uncomfortable patella straps or knee braces. Truly mobile pain relief.