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Women's Ultralight Socks
Women's Ultralight Socks
Women's Ultralight Socks
Women's Ultralight Socks
Women's Ultralight Socks

Women's Ultralight Socks

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  • 25% less volume than CEP 2.0 Run Socks, while maintaing the same 20-30mmHg compression that increases circulation, which helps prevent shin splints, delayed onset muscle soreness, and common overuse injuries
  • Designed with ultralight, anatomically padded cushioning and a seamless toe-closure for added protection against blisters and hotspots
  • Thinner ultralight design improves breathability and the hydrophobic materials pull moisture away from the skin
  • Thin, but just as tight

    CEP Ultralight Run Socks are 25% thinner than our 2.0 Run Socks but still feature our performance enhancing progressive compression technology. The ultralight material is designed for warmer, more humid climates and for anyone who prefers a thinner sock. Our progressive socks feature compression technology that is scientifically proven to increase circulation by up to 40%. You will feel lighter on your feet, and less fatigued. Whether you are an experienced runner, or walking your first 5k, CEP will help you go beyond the benchmark of your person goals.

    Stay cool.

    When you start sweating, air will hit any moisture that has been pulled from the surface of your skin. This creates a cooling affect that can reduce skin temperature up-to 6 degrees Fahrenheit. CEP socks also have unparalleled wearability in the shoe.

    With this ultralight design you can expect an even more custom-like fit. CEP's high-tech compression fibers and toe-box elasticity, form a barrier between you and your shoe. The socks mold to your feet creating a second-skin, providing you with an unbelievable shoe fit, guaranteed blister prevention, and one-of-a kind wearing comfort.

    Compression: 20-30 mmHg graduated compression

    Material: 60% Polyamide (Nylon), 25% Elastane, 15% Polypropylene

  • Measure your calf circumference at the widest point.

    Size Calf Circumference
    2 9.5-12 in / 25-31 cm
    3 12.5-15 in / 32-38 cm
    4 15.5-17.5 in / 39-44 cm
    5 18-20 in / 45-50 cm
  • How to wash Ultralight Socks

    • Machine wash in cold water
    • Hang to dry
    • No bleach, No Woolite, No fancy detergents